The earth laughs in flowers.
— Ralph Waldo Emerson

Old Stone House Farm, LLC grows specialty cut flowers including flowering perennials, woody shrubs, and herbs along with flowering annuals.  We are pleased and privileged to revitalize a beautiful historic dairy farm. Through our efforts, this property is producing an agricultural product and specialty crop for the first time in decades.

We avoid the use of chemical pesticides and we compost crop wastes onsite and vermicompost household waste. We utilize cover crops for weed control and soil enhancement, minimize tilling, and actively practice ecologically sustainable pest and pollinator management techniques.  We start many of our plants from seed in our house and greenhouse, and purchase some as plugs (trays of young plants) from commercial growers. We are also starting to build out a host of perennial plants that will produce for years to come.

Our aim to grow a vibrant and diverse mix of color, form and texture with a variety of seasonally available Wisconsin-grown blooms including focal and spiky flowers, wispy fillers, green foliage, fragrant herbs, woody stems, and decorative pods.

From amaranthus to zinnias — and over 80 varieties in between — we grow and sell a beautiful and diverse assortment of decorative specialty cut flowers, herbs, foliage, and woody stems. Click here for a list of what we plan to grow this year.