A good farm is recognized as good partly by its beauty.
— Wendell Barry

Aerial photograph taken in June of 2016, two days after closing on the property. We are cutting our first rows in the front field with a rented tractor. Three months later, we were selling fresh cut flowers at a local farmer’s market.

Old Stone House Farm, LLC grows specialty cut flowers with a focus on flowering perennials, woody shrubs, and herbs along with flowering annuals. 

Established in 2016 with the help of first-time farmer and women-farmer funding from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, we are committed to organic and environmentally sound growing practices. We avoid the use of chemical pesticides, compost crop wastes onsite and vermicompost household waste, utilize cover crops for weed control and soil enhancement, minimize tilling, and actively practice ecologically sustainable pest and pollinator management techniques.  

Our unique property is a retired Wisconsin dairy farm on 8-1/2 acres with multiple historic outbuildings, including an iconic red barn, an old field stone house built in the mid-1800’s, a huge greenhouse being brought back to life and purpose, and an old milk house turned walk-in floral cooler!

From amaranthus to zinnias and 80 varieties in between, we aim to grow and sell a beautiful and diverse assortment of decorative specialty cut flowers, foliage, and woody stems.

Our vision and mission is based on promoting the incredible importance and value of local agriculture, specifically local flowers. We are members of the Association of Specialty Cut Flower Growers, the Slow Flower movement, and we are a nationally certified LGBT Business Enterprise (LGBTBE).

We love what we do and love to share it! Send us a note!