We love what we do and we love to share it

I find myself, time and time again, saying the above phrase when talking with folks about Old Stone House Farm, especially if it’s a first conversation. Cherie asked me recently — so is that your tag line? I guess if we or I need a tag line, then YES, for now, that’s it!

Ever since we started seriously considering purchasing our property near Random Lake on County Rd SS, our vision for its use included community. We knew right away that opening our doors for sharing was a big part of what made sense in purchasing this particular property. The front acreage — flat and full sun — was ready to be “grown” not only just mowed. The large, beautiful home and gorgeous setting was calling out to be made available for people looking for a weekend (or longer) get-away. The kitchen absolutely was built to accommodate offering delicious homemade breakfasts to future B&B guests. The vintage outbuildings that have stood the test of time were worthy of being admired for the workhorses they once were and to be put to new use.

Even the random (no pun intended) pockets of other land around the 8-1/2 acres inspire ideas for sharing waiting to be brought to life — what about a live labyrinth on this spot, or a shade garden over here? Where can we put the autumn gourds and decorative squash that I am itching to grow? Is there a nearby grower or farmer who could use some extra growing space in the field or the greenhouse? And what can we ever do with the defunct “fish farm” in the barn’s old milking parlor? (That one will have us scratching our collective heads for a while!! Ideas, anyone???)

In the almost three years we’ve been here, we’ve created many opportunities to share what we do and where we do it. The B&B is the most obvious and most frequent. We’ve hosted over a hundred guests by now for stays of from one night to ten nights, for people from as close as Kewaskum and as far as Great Britain. We are Super Hosts on the AirBnb site and have dozens of positive reviews on each of the two rooms. We recently opened up a third option for families and groups of friends to rent both rooms at the same time.

We’ve also opened the house for community group, committee and council meetings; had a busload of seniors from a senior residential community come for a tour and presentation; offered vision board workshops; booked the house for girlfriend craft weekends; and hosted a 90th birthday party — my mom’s ;-). Off-farm, we’ve been vendors at events, provided educational programs, and donated extra product to community organizations.

We’ve been living it, folks! And now we have developed it into the concept of “flower farm experiences” and are putting it out there on this website for your feedback and ideas. Check it out!

Friends, we really do love what we do and we love to share it. Get in touch! We hope to see you soon! — Gina

Gina Graham