NEW! Premium Bouquet of the Month Club - with direct to home or office delivery!

NEW! Premium Bouquet of the Month Club - with direct to home or office delivery!

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The Bouquet of the Month Club is our latest premium bouquet subscription which includes home or office delivery of a deluxe bouquet offering. We have heard from our customers that picking up a bouquet at our farm, the market or a CSA is just not for everyone! We hear you!

The deluxe bouquet will include a vibrant and diverse mix of color, form and texture with an extra-generous variety of seasonally available Wisconsin-grown blooms including focal and spiky flowers, wispy fillers, green foliage, fragrant herbs, woody stems, decorative pods, etc.

This is a fabulous gift option! Buy a Bouquet of the Month Club Membership for someone special in your life and have a beautiful premium bouquet delivered direct to their doorstep every month for as many months as you choose over the growing season. See map provided regarding our delivery area. (If you want to request a delivery outside our delivery area, drop us a note and we’ll see if we can make it work; extra delivery charges may apply.)

Delivery of the deluxe Bouquet of the Month will be direct to a home or office location on either the first Wednesday or first Friday of the month in a window between approximately 9 a.m. and 4 p.m.. We’ll reach out the week of your delivery as a reminder the bouquet is coming and to confirm delivery details. With 48 hours advance notice, you may request a hold for any date you know you will be unavailable. We will make arrangements with you to be sure you receive your full membership benefit.

The season for our Bouquet of the Month is June through October. Select a full 5-Month Bouquet of the Month membership for delivery on either the first Wednesday or the first Friday of the months June through October. Or, select a 4-Month, 3-Month, 2-Month or 1-Month membership, for delivery your choice of months from June through October.

If you would rather pay by mail, you can place an order by phone. Send us a note via our Contact Us form to request an order by phone/pay by mail, and we’ll give you a call to make those arrangements.

# of Months:
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You would like to enjoy a 4 month Bouquet of the Month Club membership, and and you prefer a Friday delivery. You choose whichever 4 months of the 5 month season you would like to receive bouquets — perhaps June, August, September and October — and you select Friday as your delivery day. Your bouquet will be delivered to the address provided on the first Friday of those months — June 7, August 2, September 6 and October 4. Each time, we’ll be in touch prior to delivery day to confirm!